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TwHello Quick-Start Guide

This guide will take you step-by-step through the process of setting up the Micro Business Automated Phone System in your TwHello account.

You must have the following:

Login to your TwHello console. You will default to the Develop page. Click the Open button for the workflow. The following workflow will open in a new IDE window.

Configure the Workflow

The settings to configure the Auto Assistant are in the Global JavaScript Editor. The code in this editor will execute before all response handlers are called. This is the best place to configure global settings. The editor will contain the following code:

 * These variables control the content of the application.
 * Also, this code can be moved to Global Vars for easier deployment
 * to other accounts.
var company = {
    name    : "TwHello",
    address : "645 Harrison St Third Floor, San Francisco, CA 94107",
    email   : "",
    phone   : "+19495551212"

var quoteRequestPhone = "+19495551212";

var generalInfoMessage =
        "TwHello is an online development platform for building complex voice and "+
        "messaging applications. For more information, visit us at "+
        "w-w-w dot t-w-h-e-l-l-o dot com";

var faq = [
            question : "My web site is down. How do I get immediate help? ",
            answer   : "At the main menu, dial 0 for emergency support. "
            question : "How do I check on the progress of my project? ",
            answer   : "Email your project manager or press 2 at the menu for the employee directory. "
            question : "How do I pay my invoice? ",
            answer   : "Send a check to "+ company.address +" made payable to "+ +". "
            question : "What are "+ +"'s operating hours? ",
            answer   : "We are open Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm Pacific Time. "

var directory = [
            name   : "Time Voice Announcer",
            number : "+12027621401"
            name   : "National Weather Service",
            number : "+18059886610"
var smsNumbers = {
        message   : "+19495551212",
        emergency : "+19495551212"

If you want, change the following parameters to your information. You can always do this later.

  1. Line #7. The company object is your company information.
  2. Line #14. The quoteRequestPhone variable is the phone number to forward quote requests.
  3. Line #16. The generalInfoMessage variable is basic information about your business.
  4. Line #21. The faq array is a collection of Frequently Asked Questions. You can change, add or remove objects in this array.
  5. Line #40. The directory array is your employee or department listing. You can change, add or remove objects in this array.
  6. Line #51. The smsNumbers.message variable is where voice message recordings will be sent via SMS.
  7. Line #51. The smsNumbers.message variable is where voice message recordings will be sent via SMS.

Make sure that you do not inadvertently cause any syntax errors. Once you are done, click the Save button. Close the window.

Connect TwHello to Your Twilio Account

Now you need to give TwHello access to your Twilio account. Note: TwHello will never initiate any charges to your Twilio account.

  1. In your console's top menu, click Deploy.
  2. Under the Twilio Authorization heading, enter your Account SID and Auth Token. Click Authorize.
  3. If the Account SID and Auth Token are valid, the Twilio account and its phone numbers will be shown.
  4. In the drop-down menu next to the phone number you want to use, select Micro Biz Auto Assistant. Click OK.

TwHello now knows how to handle calls to this phone number.

Connect Twilio to Your TwHello Account

Now you need to tell Twilio that you want TwHello to handle your calls.

  1. Login to your Twilio account.
  2. Click Numbers in the top menu.
  3. Click the phone number you chose in the previous steps.
  4. Enter in "Voice Request URL".
  5. Enter in "Status Callback URL".
  6. Optional. Enable Caller Name Lookup.
  7. Click the Save button.

Twilio will now use TwHello to handle calls to that number.

Call Your New Automated Assistant

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